History Project


We have been lucky to have been invited by charity Building Self Belief to participate in a history project around the history of North Shields Fish Quay.
Day 1 of the project was very busy.  We met our project leader, Christine, who have us lots of background information regarding the history of North Shields Fish Quay.
We learnt about Sea Shanties and even had a go at writing our own!
In the afternoon, we interviewed Diane (our chair of governors) who has always lived in North Shields.  She told us about all the changes she has seen over the years.  She used to have swimming lessons at the very cold outdoor pool in Tynemouth!  
Day 2
Day 2 was a brilliant day.  In the morning, we worked with the Heritologists looking at the inspirational work of North Shields artist, Victor Rainbird.  We learnt about his amazing life and used wordle to think of words to describe his life and story.  We learnt some sketching techniques to create pieces of art in the style of Victor.  We also critiqued some of Victor's work and discussed in groups how it made us feel.  
In the afternoon we continued with our interviews, this time interviewing retired fisherman and North Shields legend Terry McDermott who gave us a fascinating insight into the life of a fisherman working from North Shields Fish Quay.  We also spoke with Nik Hanlon who is the current manager of the fish quay.  He gave us lots of information about the day-to-day running of the fish quay presently.  
Day 3
Day 3 saw us visiting the Fish Quay.
We started the day with our sketch books, sketching some of the views of the Tyne and surrounding buildings.  Next it was time to meet up with Nik, who gave us a tour of the fish quay.  We saw some of the boats that fish out of North Shields, learnt about fishing techniques and the nets involved and then were able to meet some of the fish that had been caught that day and were ready to be sold!  We were fascinated to learn that a lot of the prawns brought into North Shields are sold as far as France!
Next it was time to meet up with our friend Terry McDermott again who told us all about the Fiddler's Green sculpture.  He worked incredibly hard to raise funding to fund this important sculpture which commemorates fisherman who left to go to sea and never returned.
We then strolled along to Collingwood monument where we learnt about Lord Collingwood and why there is a monument to honour him.  After that was time for lunch where we were treated to fish and chips and then ice cream!
After a play on the beach, we then visited The Old Lowlights Heritage Centre, where we learnt a huge amount from Syd, our local guide.  They have a brilliant exhibition on at the minute regarding famous folk from North Shields.  
Such a brilliant day all round!