School Times

Timings of the School Day from September 2021
September 2020 return to school timings
  Start/Finish Times  Entry/Exit Point
Nursery 8.40am/12 noon EYFS Building
Reception 8.40am/3.10pm EYFS Building
Year 1 8.40am/3.10pm Reception Entrance
Year 2 8.40am/3.10pm Top Door
Year 3 8.40am/3.15pm Top Door
Year 4 8.40am/3.20pm Bottom Door
Year 5 8.40am/3.20pm Bottom Door
Year 6 8.40am/3.20pm Bottom Door
Registration 8.55am
Whole School Worship
Monday- Whole school
Tuesday- Class reflection and discussion
Wednesday- Worship through song
Thursday- Whole school worship at church
Friday- Worship and celebrate
Morning Break 10.30 am - 10.45am
Early Years 12 noon - 1.15pm
Key Stage One - 12noon - 1.15pm
Key Stage Two - 12.15pm-1.10pm