Here, There and Everywhere


Our class dog ‘Honey’ went on an adventure. Each week we received a postcard or a letter from Honey, she told us about the different countries that she was visiting! 
Honey travelled to France by airplane. We learnt how to say hello in French and about the Eiffel Tower. The children loved learning about the french flag and even created their own Eiffel Tower models. 
Our Monet inspired painting! We used our fingers to dab paint and recreate the famous ‘Bridge over a Pond of Water Lillies’ painting. 
Honey travelled to Egypt! We learnt about the Egyptian pyramids and stacked the cups to create our own pyramids. Then in teams, the children worked together in teams to wrap their friend in toilet paper, creating Egyptian mummies. The children demonstrated excellent turn taking skills. 
We explored the different places of North Shields. The children were very excited as they recognised familiar places.